Multichannel & P-O-P

The role of multichannel within retail marketing to help pull shoppers through the path to purchase is becoming hard to ignore.

By its nature, it is complex and multifaceted, expanding traditional path to purchase models to any number of different channels and forging stronger relationships between traditional point-
of-purchase advertising and new media channels such as mobile marketing; social media; QR codes; augmented reality and digital out-of-home networks and content.

Understanding the growing influence of multichannel on shopper behaviour is critical to reaching out and engaging them in a more targeted, effective way than ever before.

As the trade association for the retail marketing industry, the pace of change that is occurring in-store, and the dynamic opportunities we see brands and retailers embracing, naturally excites POPAI. At the same time, POPAI is also concerned to understand how business and social trends may potentially impact on the pull of point-of-purchase advertising.

  • Educate retailers, brands, agencies, end users and non-users?about the effectiveness of new media in-store, from a solution-based perspective.

  • Provide new media practitioners with independent, credible, validated industry information.?

  • Provide a platform for the industry to promote itself.

Through its work, POPAI is able to offer members a broad programme of conferences, events, industry guides to best practice, educational programmes and networking opportunities on a wide range of related new media topics including developments in multichannel retail marketing; compliance; digital retail business models and ROI metrics; digital in-store network installation; content management; and sustainability issues.

NEW FOR 2012

This year will see the launch of the POPAI Guide to Mobile Marketing, providing members with a broader understanding of the key issues, to help better inform mobile channel strategy development for in-store.

The POPAI Awards.2012 will for the first time include a new multichannel awards category to better reflect the changing landscape, whilst still recognising best practice in digital retail networks and contents. To enter a recent campaign into the awards, CLICK HERE

Digital City Snapshots will provide a series of reports from major UK cities including Birmingham, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds, delivering factual analysis of the latest developments in digital in-store, including an objective critique of "development opportunities"

Our 2012 New Media Conference will take place in central London on 1st November 2012, helping attendees to gain a deeper understanding of new media developments impacting on shopper behaviour and approaches to retail marketing. View our events calendar HERE