New Member - Esprit Digital

We caught up with James Wilder, Sales Director at Esprit Digital as they joined POPAI, he told us a bit more about the company.


Q - Who are Esprit Digital?

Esprit Digital design and build custom LCD kiosks and bespoke LEDs for any application anywhere in the world and then support them for life.

The company was the very first to build digital displays for the outdoor advertising market when our LEDs became a feature on roadside billboards around the UK 20 years ago. 

Since then, we have designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained many of the world’s most iconic larges cale digital screen networks for clients like:

Westfield / JCDecaux / Ocean / Primark / Virgin

With digital signage solutions in over 30 countries, our USP is the unrivalled reliability of Esprit Digital products over time.

This is due to our proprietary cooling and air filtration technology, as well as the quality of the components that is integrated into every solution - several of our major deployments have zero visits in the first 3 years and nearly 1,000 screens installed on the London Underground have been working for over 12 years!

Over the last year, Esprit Digital have been busy with the launch of LUMOS, our new LED manufacturing division.


Q - So, what is LUMOS?

LUMOS is Esprit Digital’s own line of LED products. Perfect for every application and every environment, LUMOS LEDs tick every box:  

  • Visually Stunning
  • Robust, Easy-to-Install-and-Maintain Designs
  •  Custom Build & Off-the-Shelf Solutions
  • Unbeatable Reliability 
  • Highly Competitive Pricing

Esprit Digital are now owners of a well-established production facility in Shenzhen. All design and development of the comprehensive LUMOS range has been undertaken by Esprit’s experienced team in the UK, with installations worldwide!

People ask us, 'with so many options available within the industry, why have you decided to bring out our own range of products?' 

The answer is simple. price, reliability, and flexibility!

Currently within the industry, there is not much scope for custom products, which is a big part of Esprit’s heritage - building solutions specifically for the installation location & environment. Over the last year Esprit Digital have been busy working directly with customers and our shopfitting teams in designing and building bespoke LED cabinetry to seamlessly integrate into their fixtures and fittings.


Q - What does your LUMOS range encompass?

LUMOS encompasses a UK Design team working in collaboration with our state-of-the-art Shenzhen factory and:

  • Up to 10-Year Warranty
  • Global Support – Whether that be installation or maintenance services
  •  LUMOS’s Automated Production line helps in cost reduction, reduced failure rates and creates a dynamic lead time. 
  • Displays with extreme temperature ranges of between -35°C: +80°C up to an IP68 certification, making it viable for any location or environment on the planet.

The LUMOS range encompasses everything you would expect, from P0.7 Indoor to P20 IP67 Outdoor – Our latest development has seen us release an Outdoor IP65 rated P1.5mm product along with a P1.25mm Flex product which we consider to be some of the tightest pitches on the market within the flex and Outdoor product categories. LUMOS is not only about selling 480 x 480 or 500 x 500 cabinets but all about custom cabinetry, custom modules, curved displays, spinning displays, different shaped displays - we are all about solution architecture!


Q - What else can Esprit Digital bring to the retail world?

There has NEVER been a better or more important time for retailers to talk to their customers. LUMOS creates unique experiences and engages with shoppers on their journey in new and more effective ways than ever before.

Westfield, Armani, Adidas, Burberry, Harvey Nichols already all use LUMOS to talk to their customers.

As well as manufacturing every kind of screen solution imaginable, one of Esprit Digital’s most important departments is research and development. Esprit Digital are constantly developing and evaluating innovative technologies which can be incorporate into future solutions and digital furniture. Esprit Digital have developed:

  • Next generation voice-activated wayfinding
  • Gesture-based controls
  • Interactive mirrors
  • Audience measurement, software
  • Footfall/eyeball tracking software
  • Guest engagement platforms for retail environments.

Currently we are rolling out in-store and point-of-sale screen networks for Primark, 3 and Dixons PC World amongst others. 

We have won several awards for our retail projects, including:

  • Retail Project of the Year – Westfield US Rollout
  • Retail Deployment of the Year - Harvey Nichols, Doha