Each week in POPAI Weekly we bring members interesting facts from the world of retail and P-O-P. 

18% of consumers consult a shopping list maintained online or on a mobile device while shopping for groceries
Source: The Hartman Group: Shopper tactics

The average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes but only regularly wears five of them

Cheese is bought by over 98% of British households.
Source: British Cheese Board

Women spend over 8 years of their life shopping, spending 399 hours and 46 minutes in-store each year.
Source: GE Money

In 2012 UK retail sales were over £311 billion.
Source: British Retail Consortium (BRC)

Shoppers claim to be buying more on promotion – 58% claim to be buying more on promotion since the start of 2012.
Source: IGD/ShopperVista

The number of UK shoppers willing to pay more for eco-friendly products has tripled in the last 17 months.
Source: Nielsen

Retail sales in July were the strongest since 2006, with in-store sales up 3.9% and online growing by 7.9%.
Source: British Retail Consortium/KPMG

The average mum now makes 19 trips to a supermarket a month, spending £28.73 each week
on items not on their shopping list.
Source: Independent research report commissioned by Milk&More

Gifting represents the biggest opportunity for confectionery in travel retail. 30% of shoppers buy for themselves, 30% buy for sharing, while 60% buy for others.
Source: Kraft Foods World Travel Retail (KFWTR) 

38% of international shoppers in the travel and duty free stores do not enter the confectionery zone.
Source: Kraft Foods World Travel Retail (KFWTR)

67% of all shoppers have ceased to shop at a store because of a bad experience and only 30% of shoppers give the store a second chance. Average return time to store after a bad experience is 14 months.
Source: He-Buys-She-Shops/The Verde Group 

44% of all retail transactions in the UK involve interaction with multiple channels such as in-store, online, mail order and catalogue. 
Source: Deloitte UK

69% of automotive shoppers research the purchase or lease of a new car using their mobile.
Source: Mojiva 

More than four in ten adults (44%) say they intend to shop online for their groceries in the next five to ten years, compared with just 17% who are currently doing so.
Source: IGD/ShopperVista

19% of shoppers use online review forums to help them make their final purchase decisions.
Source: Deloitte

Almost 50% of shoppers say they would be more likely to visit and make a purchase in-store with mobile-based coupons. A third of shoppers search their mobile devices coupons.
Source: RetailMeNot

A fifth of the consumer group's members have accidentally bought a supermarket own-label product by mistake because it looked similar to
a big brand.
Source: Which?

4 out of 5 movie and music purchases and half of books sales now happen online.
Source: SAS/Verdict

57% of shoppers are more likely to buy after receiving opinions from friends Source: Sociable Labs Social Impact Consumer Study

11% of in-store transactions in 2012 were made as a result of using a price comparison website
Source: Deloitte UK 

Unplanned and impulse shopping is increasing - only around 16% of grocery shoppers now use shopping lists
Source: Shopper Insights

18% of shoppers said that they take between just 1 and 5 minutes to choose a gift, meaning that almost a fifth of people make a snap decision.
Source: Virginia Hayward/SourceWire

The average income of US shoppers in stores is highest between 18:00 – 20:00.
Source: The Time Use Institute - American Time Use Survey (ATUS)