Research Services

Our tailored research services provide authoritative and independent feedback on what’s currently happening in-store and within the industry. The results of our work provide high quality validated insight to address specific questions regarding your own sector, category or brand, and giving you the answers you need to develop more effective campaigns. Managed through the POPAI office, our extensive research services can include a range of effective information gathering techniques.

Shopper Behaviour Analysis

Better understanding how shoppers behave in-store and engage with current P-O-P displays is crucial to improve future effectiveness. Our research can be used to support a range of in-store delivery objectives including; category insight and competitor benchmarking.

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In-Store Audits

Our in-store audits can provide a detailed analysis and objective feedback on the current performance and scope of activity at the point-of-purchase. Our audits can include store manager interviews and mini-depth studies at fixture or within category.

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Effectiveness Measurement

Using the latest technology and the skills of expert research teams, we are able to provide a range of shopper tracking services to delve deeper into the behaviour of your shoppers. Our services include eye and vision-tracking, in-store filming, and intercept interviews.

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Accompanied Shops

Finding inspiration and understanding how the latest trends are practically being applied by others in-store can be difficult due to daily work pressures. Our bespoke and experiential accompanied shops provide a unique way to foster new ideas and explore original thinking.

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