As part of our ongoing work in the important area of P-O-P compliance, we are pleased to launch the Compliance Benchmarking initiative.

It is widely accepted that P-O-P compliance levels fall well below 100% on the vast majority of in-store campaigns. This has an obvious effect on projected sales uplift and return on investment.

Reclaim your share of £400m in lost sales

Recent research by POPAI shows that the gap between actual sales resulting from P-O-P campaigns and projected sales had compliance been 100% amounts to a staggering £400 million, not to mention the obvious cost to the environment owing to wasted materials.

Reclaiming your share of this lost sales revenue means understanding the cause of poor compliance by individual store group to enable more focussed campaigns in the future - working in the stores with the poorest compliance levels.

To help retailers, brands and their suppliers become more effective in-store and to highlight the causes & locations of poor compliance, POPAI has undertaken this bold initiative in conjunction with Storecheck Marketing Ltd.

What is Compliance Benchmarking?

By gathering data from in-store campaigns, we will be able to compare compliance levels by store group, individual store and even by category to give the industry accurate compliance benchmarks, best practice levels and to highlight areas for attention.

Simply put, we want you to input actual compliance levels from any in-store activity into this website, as well as the main reasons for the P-O-P not being in place.

All data inputted will be treated in the strictest confidence and results published will be annonymous.

What you will gain by getting involved?

  • Live compliance data for the store group you enter information for - enabling you to benchmark your position and track your gains.
  • Regular updates from POPAI covering all retail sectors.

How do I get involved?

We've made it really simple to input your data, it literally is a 5-minute job - to begin, just enter your email address in the box below to register.