What's included

Access to the ConVert calculator is FREE for POPAI members.  

If you would like to go ahead with POPAI Sustainability Standard accreditation you will benefit from: 

  • CheckBox audit portal access
  • Implementation guide 
  • Accreditation certificate, or "Working Towards" certificate

The PSS auditing process is easy-to-use and has been designed to be accessed and achieved remotely without the need for face-to-face consultancy, which is not included in the package.

Outside of the fee structure, we are pleased to offer a bespoke consultancy service through a 3rd-party.

PSS auditing explained

The PSS helps companies address  areas such as design outputs, manufacturing methods, energy & waste monitoring, and supply chain management.

Auditing is carried out remotely via the online Checkbox portal, with no requirement for an on-site visit.

Using our suite of eGuides to assist, companies select applicable modules and upload evidence to Checkbox. The audit is then carried out remotely by a 3rd party.

If successful, the company is then issued with their certificate of accreditation and if not, they are issued with a "Working towards PSS" certificate and can choose whether to have another audit at a small cost or wait to the next annual audit to become accredited.

Next steps

Find out more about the POPAI Sustainability Standard in the following downloads:

Audit Requirements

Guide to Sustainable Best Practice & Accreditation (pdf)

Guide to Sustainable Best Practice & Accreditation (video presentation)

To start your sustainability journey please contact the POPAI office.