The Certificate in Point of Purchase has been designed to address the needs of P-O-P practitioners who strive to increase the effectiveness of their activities and at the same time are faced with securing budgets and support for the activities they are involved in.

On completion of the course delegates should:

  • Be able to view individual P-O-P projects within the context of underlying organisational strategic objectives 
  • Have an appreciation of what drives the shopper and how these drivers can be used in the production of effective P-O-P material 
  • Recognise the elements of the P-O-P supply, value and distribution chains and have an understanding of how each element operates
  • Develop a wider understanding of the retail environment, its potential and limitations
  • Adopt a more holistic approach to P-O-P activities

Who will benefit from the course?

As the only specialist course currently available within the P-O-P field, the Certificate in Point of Purchase offers both a valuable starting point for people who are relatively new to the discipline and an important vehicle for experienced practitioners in the refinement and development of existing skills.

Appropriate to both clients and suppliers alike, the course content and modes of delivery are designed to present a very practical approach and as such previous business studies are not a pre-requisite for attendance.

An important aspect of the course is the ability to mix with delegates from other areas of the industry and develop a wider appreciation of the P-O-P market.

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