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Say Hello to Display UK.

Modern retail environments are busy, cluttered and competitive. Bring your brand to life in-store and get it noticed. We are the experts in creating, engaging, eye-catching Point of Sale Displays that attract shopper attention and will maximise your sales with every in-store promotion.

Display UK is a multi-site specialist Point of Sale design and manufacturing organisation, unifying three of the leading players in the UK Point of Sale market, with the resources of a global organisation, Display UK is now uniquely positioned to service your entire brand in store needs.

At Display UK we take the time to understand how the consumers really shop both now and in the future, so we can create displays that are engaging to look at, easy to navigate, simple to implement and hard to ignore. With our vast range of POS display solutions, we can improve the effectiveness of your brand promotions, whatever challenge the retail environment brings.

Put simply, we make ideas possible.

From concept to delivery, we design in a way that combines visual appeal with practical integrity for maximum impact in store. Through our cutting edge design and investments in the fastest Digital and Litho printing technology, Display UK are the trusted partner to get your brand noticed.


T: Call Dev on +44 (0) 1536 200333