isi global sponsor interview 2020

Visit ISI Global at EuroShop 2020 

ISI Global Hall 1, Retail Marketing, Stand D17


We caught up with Simon Ogle, Owner of ISI Global to understand their plans for 2020 and the upcoming exhibition.

Here's what he had to say...

Why have you chosen Euroshop to engage in a physical space with the industry?

This is the 2nd time ISI Global have exhibited at Euroshop.  Many of our existing clients visit the show so it’s a great time to engage with them as well as meeting new clients and understand new trends within the industry. With RDE changing its format this year there was no question we were going to have presence at Euroshop.  Also, with the launch of our Polish office last year its also a great time to get all our teams together! 

What can we expect from your stand this year? 

Our stand this year offers a unique brand experience which engages with all the senses – see, feel, smell, hear and taste.  We relate projects we have worked and invite people to ‘awaken their sense at retail’.  Our stand this year is 50% bigger than 3 years ago which is a reflection of the company’s growth and increased service offering.  We launch a new website a week prior to the show as well as our new corporate branding so it’s a really exciting time for us all!

What do you hope it will deliver for you?

With all events the aim is to at least have a ROI so this show would be no different.  But the main thing for ISI Global this year is for our new branding and service offering to be recognised and people who visit the stand to enjoy meeting us and experiencing the stand. 

What do you think UK retail marketers could learn / benefit from with a visit to Euroshop?

It’s just great to have all suppliers in one place and being the world’s largest trade fair for retail it has a future retail focus.  Trends will feature heavily and marketeers will get great insight into the direction retail is heading.  It will give them a chance to speak with experts in the industry as well as offer great networking opportunities.

What does the future hold for ISI Global?

This year is set to be a big and exciting year for ISI Global.  We are continuing to grow our digital offering and support our clients with their POP and digital future.  We aim to grow both our UK and Polish bases in terms of team members and introduce new expertise as our clients’ needs increase.  We will continue to partner with POPAI as a member and GOLD awards sponsor which has been really insightful in terms of seminars and help with our sustainability commitment.  And finally, we can’t wait to launch our new brand and website and see how this is received within the industry!