Green Project Working Group

To help ensure that POPAI succeeds in its continuing implementation of the Green Project, a working group, headed by Andrew Hempsall, has been set up with a view to:

• Assisting with policy direction

• Improving environmental industry standards

• Assisting with the promotion of policy to new and existing members

• Steering of Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate

• Delivering an annual environmental conference

• Continuation of policy development

• Delivering changing website content in the form of news, presentations and so on.

Working Group  Members

Andrew Hempsall (head) - arken

Phil Day - POPAI UK & Ireland
Richard Chipps - De Montfort University
Kelly Grainger - PepsiCo
Steve Lister - Robert Horne Group
Jim Shields - Quantum 4
Nick Widdowson - Unilever UK & Ireland


If you would like to contact or join the Green Project Working Group, please call
the POPAI office on 01455 271 856 or e-mail