Past Presentations

Here you will find lots of useful presentations from our Green Project Seminars, all with the aim of helping the industry reduce its environmental impact. If you need any help, please contact us

Inaugural Green Project Meeting
2nd September 2008

Taking Steps Towards a Greener In-store - The Launch of the Green Project
Presenter: Unilever UK & Ireland


• POPAI’s two-year plan to reduce the environmental impact of P-O-P
• Learn how to set your own K.P.I’s
• Understand brands & retailers plans to incorporate K.P.I's into their own working practices
• The industry benchmark for P-O-P

Lean Footprint
Presenter: UK First


• The global impact of carbon emissions on the environment
• How to audit your business using the FIRA Furniture Footprinter
• Designing for low carbon + seven waste categories - cost v carbon
• Personalised action plans for your business

Green Project Seminar
12th February 2009

Review of Progress & KPI's
Presenter: Andrew Hempsall, POPAI Head of Technical Working Group

Environmental Considerations of Material Selection
Presenter: Dr Joyce Tsoi, Brunel University & Andrew McCall, ROI Team

Environmental Design Considerations
Presenter: Dr Busayawan Ariyatum, Brunel University

Environmental Design, Materials and Recycling
Presenter: Steve Lister, Robert Horne Group

Green Project Seminar
8th September 2009

Members' Highlights from Year One

Eden Group
Line Packaging & Display
Plan2 Install
SCA Packaging

Guest Presenters

P-O-P Design with the Environment in Mind
Presenter: Stuart Becker, HRG UK

Legal Implications & Trends
Presenter: Chris Speakman, Bureau Veritas

Supply Chain Management
Presenter: Chris Speakman, Bureau Veritas

Green Project Seminar
16th March 2010

A Contribution to Environmental Best Practice
Presenter: Mike Kirchin & Mark Leach, Plan2 Install

Waste Management
Presenter: Mark Horner, Waste Handling Solutions

Innovations & Auditing Tools to Create More Sustainable Business
Presenter: Sam Owen, EMAPS

Design Calculator
Presenter: Leigh Holloway, ECO3

KTP Plans 2010/2011
Presenter: Richard Chipps, De Montfort University

The Future of the Green Project
Presenter: Andrew Hempsall, arken P-O-P / Head of POPAI Green Project