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Published four times a year, In-Store Insights magazine is read by retail marketing professionals across the UK and Ireland. Each issue includes high-quality research and expert knowledge on major industry topics that will bring practical benefits to readers. There is a strong emphasis on delivering insight, analysis and research that is related to the shopper's path to purchase in a series of standalone reports focused on the challenges of modern retail marketing.

Issue 34

In this issue we delve into the world of beauty and personal care to see what good really looks like in the POPAI Awards. The first of our new Display Investigation reports takes a look at the mighty freestanding display unit and our regular shopper investigation report focuses on healthy choices in-store. Finally, the Global Trends Report covers a new breed of ‘uberhelpful’ brand that is emerging, taking hand-holding to a whole new level.

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In-store Insights Magazine launched in 2010 and a number of back issues can be downloaded below. 

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Individual articles and reports can also be downloaded from Boxfile.