Legal helpline

Our work in this area is crucial to the development of the P-O-P industry as we aim to provide members with policies and guidelines to encourage the highest standards of professional conduct. Headed by POPAI's Corporate Lawyer Paul Sampson, of solicitors SampsonLegal, the continued development of standards of practice within our industry still depends on the input of our members.

Intellectual Property

Legal encounters over intellectual Property Rights issues are frequently less elegant than the design ideas at the centre of any dispute and the latest downloadable document focuses on IP.

The Intellectual Property Agreement has been developed to guide readers through the essential steps to ensuring their business is both prepared and protected. The agreement can be used as it stands or be modified to suit a member’s own requirements.

Download Intellectual Property Agreement now

Free Legal Helpline

POPAI is pleased to offer this major members’ benefit - a free on-line legal information service exclusive to all UK and Ireland members.

The service is designed to provide members with initial legal commentary on any legal issue affecting their business - though we stress it is not a substitute for full contractual legal advice.

We believe the service will be of help in weighing-up how to proceed and as a ‘sounding board’ before perhaps launching into what can be expensive and time-consuming litigation.

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