Entries will be judged by a distinguished panel of industry professionals. Judges in the past have included senior representatives from the companies on the right.

The first round of judging will be done on-line with judges reviewing photographs/videos and case studies against the set criteria. Judges will then meet for a day to review and discuss each category and decide upon the final winning displays. Details of which companies have designed, manufactured or submitted entries are not released to judges.

Entries for the main competition will be judged against the following criteria

  • Marketing objectives and strategies
  • Innovation
  • Quality of the case history
  • Design 
  • Construction
  • Creativity 
  • Use of retail space
  • Branding 
  • Communicative value 
  • Ability to drive sales or meet the objectives set by the client in the brief
  • Any other factor the judges determine that makes the display stand out against others in the same category

Entries for the Innovation Award will be judged on their creative use of new design, technology or materials or innovative use of existing techniques or any other factor that shows innovation against current display practice.

Entries into the Sustainability Award will be judged on how their design, manufacture and execution cause the minimum impact on the environment.

Past POPAI Award judges