Summer Shopper Webinar 9 July 2020

Whilst we are unable to bring our industry together in a physical format at this challenging time, we remain committed to bringing you insight and information that will help you keep in touch with the retail space and look ahead to a brighter future than we face today.  

In this webinar...

Sustain Launch & General Update

Phil Day, Director

  • Sustain Launch - A demonstration of the new eco-design indicator, Sustain, plus news of future initiatives and plans.
  • Recent activities – Recent and upcoming webinars, recent research reports and general update. 
  • POPAI Awards - An update on the POPAI awards, entries and the 2020 Award ceremony.
Creating a transformational new store concept 

Adrian Briggs, Creative Director at Briggs Hillier and Scott Renton, Head of Store Development at schuh, share their journey to deliver the transformational new concept for roll-out including:

  • Project brief & target market – how a deep dive into the needs and desires of the target customer was needed to ensure a store with maximum appeal was delivered 
  • Look & Feel – all areas of the store concept were reviewed to determine both the practical & visual requirements
  • Principles of flexibility - flexibility and adaptability were a key requirement within the concept to enable the store to quickly evolve as trends changed 
  • Design principles – the principles of creating a merchandising system that achieves the brief  A dynamic store of the future – the results
Latest Industry Trends 

Presented by Kate Ancketill, CEO

  • More than a product - The brands layering services onto their products to extend the relationship with their customers beyond purchase, learning from the success of live streaming in China and the East
  • The empty chair economy - How retailers, hospitality and entertainment players adapt their stores and services to social distancing
  • Branded sustainability coaching - How brands are helping their customers achieve their sustainability goals