We believe that sustainability is a journey, not an end destination. We adopt a full life cycle approach to all of our sustainability practices and services. Our aim is to minimise the environmental impact of P-O-P and to lead the industry to the point of effective self-regulation on sustainability issues. The POPAI Sustainability Standard (PSS) aims to help all POPAI members measure environmental performance of P-O-P display, effectively communicate their sustainable practices with impact and integrity, and move to a position of best practice.


The PSS follows seven modules covering the entire lifecycle of a piece of P-O-P. From Corporate, Premises, Design and Plant, to Materials and Processes, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and End of Life.

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Guide to Sustainable Best Practice & Accreditation (video presentation)


POPAI Members receive FREE unlimited annual access to ConVert – the world’s first online environmental design calculator.

Specifically developed for the P-O-P industry, it enables industry professionals to measure and compare the environmental impact of up to six P-O-P displays at any one time.

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There is a compelling business case for embedding sustainability - improving processes and driving business efficiencies.

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Find out about the importance of sustainability to Unilever and how they use ConVert.
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Guide to Sustainable Best Practice & Accreditation (pdf)

Guide to Sustainable Best Practice & Accreditation (video presentation)