Industry Report
Spotlight on Sustainability

As corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to loom large in the minds of retailers, brands and consumers, this report shines the spotlight on the role P-O-P plays in today’s sustainability conscious retail environment.

How have P-O-P designers and manufacturers adapted their practices to improve the sustainability credentials of display equipment?

We also explore the opportunities for P-O-P to help brands and retailers convey their CSR messaging.

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Webinar Recording
Sustainability Snapshop

This 30-minute webinar includes the latest POPAI research which looks at how brands and retailers are communicating their sustainable activities to the shopper in-store.

This session includes:

  • Shopper attitudes to sustainability
  • In-store messaging – communicating with shoppers
  • Pledges to reduce waste
  • Sustainable products and retail marketing techniques
  • Looking ahead: How sustainability is changing retail 

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Campaign Report
Sustainability In-Store

With sustainability and environmental credentials firmly under the spotlight, retailers and brands must not only up their CSR activity, but shout about it to shoppers.

Our report looks at just how well they are getting the message across. 

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Global Trends
Cardboard as a channel

During the last decade there has been a real shift in consumers’ expectations of how brands approach sustainability and waste.

Plastics have been the real villain of the piece since The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s 2016 study famously revealed that there will be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050. This has intensified the focus on brands’ sustainability efforts, the ingredients they use in their products and the materials and practices they use in their production processes. 

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