Compliance & Sustainability Report by POPAI UK & Ireland

Compliance has often been a tricky concept to pin down in the retail industry. Navigating between different brands, retailers, display types, installation methods and assembly teams means that those responsible for compliance and the resources at their disposal for achieving it vary significantly.

In this report, sponsored by Linney, we have looked more closely at what compliance means to brands and retailers.We have also explored how this is approached differently for temporary and permanent display and how compliance is measured and audited – if at all.

Following on from our previous reports into recycling of temporary and permanent displays, we turn our attention to whether sustainability could have a positive impact on compliance levels, helping to reduce waste and streamline processes.

We spoke to key stakeholders from the retail industry to find out their opinions and to gather factual information about their assembly,installation, auditing and compliance methods. We also drew on previous POPAI research to discover more about where we were... and where we are now as an industry.


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