POPAI has been committed to Sustainability since first getting involved in 2009. The last year has seen rapid development of interest in Sustainability across the industry, with clients far more willing to engage in these conversations than ever before. As a result, POPAI has launched Sustain®, the eco-design indicator tool and re-launched the POPAI Sustainability Standard. The Sustainability Hub on the POPAI website is a growing resource for reports and information. 

To further develop and guide POPAI’s Sustainability credentials the Sustainability Council has now been set up. Chaired by Martin Kingdon from POPAI and with Steve Lister Head of Sustainability, the council and its members will be meeting once a month to ensure that POPAI remains at the forefront of knowledge in this fast moving environment. The group comprises representatives from across the industry with different skill-sets and different viewpoints  

Council Mission Statement
To guide POPAI's Sustainability strategy and keep POPAI appraised of industry developments.

What we do

  • Vet new additions to the materials and processes in Sustain® and the alternative materials selector.
  • Provide information and/or contacts related to recyclability and other Sustainability matters.
  • Discuss developments and provide guidance on sustainability, nationally and internationally.
  • Advise on Sustain® developments such as Shopfitting.
  • Contribute to and vet any white papers/content we may produce.
  • Advise on required Sustainability events and/or activities.

Sustainability Council Members

For more information, please contact