How to use

Welcome to the new POPAI UK & Ireland Library search portal.

This new functionality allows you to search POPAI's extensive library of over 1,500 award case studies, 3,000 POPwatch photographs, and 200 documents (presentations, reports, magazine articles) all from one place.

To help you get the most from this facility we have devised some hints and tips.

Search process

Begin your search by selecting the 'Format...' you want ranging from 'all' to a selection of 'POPwatch Images', 'market intelligence documents', 'POPAI Award entries' or 'POPAI Award winners' (gold, silver & bronze).

Filter your results by selecting relevant brand(s), retailer(s), and/or sector(s).

Filter your results further by selecting a date range in the 'When...' box (select an actual date not just month/year).

If you are searching POPwatch Images you can narrow your search further by selecting:

  • Temporary, Permanent, Seasonal or Chilled in the 'What...' box
  • the type of display in the 'Display Types' box

Once you are happy with your selection click the 'Search now' button.

If you are searching for market intelligence documents such as presentations, research reports or magazine articles please use the keyword search at the bottom right. E.g: 'return on investment'.

Hints & tips

  • To narrow your search results add more filters as above
  • To widen your search results remove filters as above or widen the date period
  • Remove filters on previous searches by using 'Reset filter to all' links or refresh the page
  • 'Brand' relates to the brand owner, e.g. Diageo includes displays for Baileys and Smirnoff
  • Click on a POPwatch thumbnail to view the full photo, flick through all results and save if required
  • If selecting a date range ensure an actual date is selected not just a month, e.g. 1st February if you want to include from February.


If you have any questions about the new search functionality please contact the office on or 01455 613651.