Independent Research & Consultancy Services


We research and evaluate shopper behaviour and response, display performance, layout effectiveness, planogramming, and all aspects of retail marketing performance providing consultancy services to the industry, as well as trends internationally.

Our tailored research services give you authoritative and independent feedback on the current status and future trends across the industry. These high-quality, validated insights address specific questions for every sector, category & brand, helping you to develop more effective, targeted campaigns.

We work with organisations and individuals looking for expert insight into business issues, typically brands, retailers, agencies and display companies.

Shopper Behaviour & Response Research

A clear understanding of today’s connected shopper can help you target your brand activity, using your resources to best effect and helping you stay within budget.

We carry out detailed analysis of shopper behaviour using fixed video or vision-tracking technology along with the latest neuroscience technology.

We conduct intercept and online interviews to develop deep insights into this critical area.

We can tell you how your shoppers behave and what they think, and how to turn this to commercial advantage for your brand.

Example Project - Analysis of digital signage used in a window display, providing actionable recommendations and enhancements to maximise the impact on shoppers and increase engagement.

In-practice Display Effectiveness & Display Portfolio Consultancy

Huge investment goes into displays in retail and leisure. Get it right and you’re effortlessly attracting shoppers and driving sales. Get it wrong, and it’s money down the drain.

Our experts can analyse your current displays and recommend changes to improve shopper engagement, increasing sales and return on investment.

We take a holistic view of your displays, evaluating shape, size, location, colour, font and messaging, alongside a host of other criteria, to give your brand maximum impact in-store.

Example Project - Development of a methodology to test the use of sound, light, and movement in a display. Included conducting the fieldwork and analysis of data to determine the most effective element in the display.

In-store Audits

Sometimes you need an immediate insight into what’s happening in the market.

Our Shopper Snapshot service delivers fast results, giving you photos and intelligence straight from the shop floor. 

If you need a more in-depth analysis, we can conduct bespoke audits of client brands and the competition, providing you with detailed reports.

Example ProjectA quick-turnaround observational assessment of computer displays in six countries, including coordinating fieldwork and information requirements, resulting in presentation of findings about the display, mechanics and photos taken.

Digital Signage Consultancy

Our end-to-end consulting offer covers all aspects of screens in retail, including networked and stand-alone displays. 

We’re experts in technology and infrastructure, content strategy and tactical delivery, training and client support, taking you from initial feasibility to successful roll-out.

Example Project - Managing an end-to-end digital signage network from feasibility to roll-out, including staff training to enable them to take over all aspects of the network and manage supplier relationships.


Retail Consultancy & Market Reports

POPAI has unparalleled knowledge of the industry and markets around the world.

We offer a comprehensive insight into market sectors, brand and retail trends, and implementation guidelines and display strategy, to keep your organisation competing at a global level.

Example Project Production of a bespoke report on the European display market for a major overseas display company, based on desk research and interviews with display professionals across Europe.

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