Independent Digital Signage Consultancy


Digital signage continues to play a growing role in shopper engagement for brands and retailers. As part of POPAI’s commercial research and consultancy offer, we have carried out a wide range of projects in this field, both in the UK and overseas.

From strategic planning and developing a content strategy to full end-to-end project consulting, from pilot schemes to roll- out, we deliver a consistent approach with proven results.

Our Approach

We start by gaining in-depth knowledge about our clients, their environments and their shoppers. This puts us in the position of being the ‘honest broker’, with our clients’ best interests at heart. With no links to any supplier, all our advice is completely impartial.

We conduct feasibility studies on an overall network or its constituent parts. This includes assessing existing in-house skills, the impact on staff or departments, and any short- or long-term outsourcing requirements.

We offer a full end-to-end service, or individual areas including those detailed to the right.

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Management & Support

Feasibility / Assessment - We are able to either fully assess the efficiency of your existing network or conduct a feasibility study on all aspects of a new network for you.

Supplier Selection - Running the Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) process alongside assessing capability and applicability versus budget.

Budget Management - From setting initial budget parameters to working with procurement on analysis and interpretation of different supplier offers.

Project Management - Managing a complete project end-to-end, or phases within it, delivering on time and on budget.

Training - Working with staff to provide upskilling, so they can effectively manage the network and supplier relationships in the future.

Hardware & Content

Screens - Ensuring that they are totally appropriate for the requirement they should fulfil considering aspects such as the type and size of screen, whether they should be interactive or dumb, the location, zoning specifics in-store, the height at which they are placed, and brightness.

Media Players - Advising on systems, publishing software, integrators and support services.

Content Strategy - Determining objectives and elements such as the zoning of content in- store, scheduling of content by day-parting, regionalisation or tiering, and integration into other communications channels.

Content Tactics - Advising on the length of loops and clips, the use of sound, whether single or multiple messages are used, and incorporating an impactful call to action.

Content Delivery - Providing guidelines for content templates and working with staff to advise or train on appropriate technology.

Measurement & Evaluation

Defining Outcomes - Identifying and defining the measurable outcomes expected from the project, at the pilot stage and/or post roll-out.

Framework for Evaluation - Providing a framework for evaluation and carrying out required fieldwork and analysis to validate the investment.

The Team

The POPAI digital signage consultancy team is headed up by Martin Kingdon who has been involved in digital signage projects for 20 years.

He is supported by Darren Turrell who specialises in digital technology in retail environments and Karen Sentinella who coordinates and manages POPAI's research projects.