The world’s first online environmental design calculator.

ConVert has been developed specifically for the P-O-P industry, enabling industry professionals to measure and compare the environmental impact of up to six P-O-P displays at any one time. ConVert is available to those signed up to the POPAI Sustainability Standard (PSS) and works by inputting information about material types, weights, volumes and manufacturing processes, as well as sourcing and logistics. It then provides an indicative environmental performance of a display.

The videos below guide you through different aspects of the ConVert tool.


1. Introduction - A short introductory video.

2. Log-in - How to log-in to ConVert, starting projects and inputting versions.

3. Overview - How to input initial project data.

4. Product - How to input detailed display component data.


5. Packaging - How to input protective and logisitics packaging data.


6. Use - How to input data relating to energy used by the display during it's time in-store.


7. End of life - Important information relating to designing for, and deaing with, end of life issues.


8. Results - How to interpret the results.


9. Versions - How to compare different versions of projects in ConVert.