What is EcoSupport from POPAI? 

An independent, free guidance framework provided by POPAI for retailer and brand members, offering custom support for sustainability management. 


1. Sustainability status audit 

A deep-dive analysis of your current sustainability practices and initiatives, benchmarked, using our independent industrywide experience, against best practice activities from across the sector. POPAI will provide standardised policies, templates and ways of working to set you on a path of improved environmental performance

 2. On-line support  for your in-store sustainability activity and sustainability queries.

As an independent organisation we are well placed to assist you with any sustainability queries you may have. Both from our own knowledge and from a network of independent specialists.

3. Exclusive access to six monthly networking meetings to learn from other P-O-P professionals

We understand the importance of being able to discuss non commercially sensitive matters with peers who are confronting the same issues as you. Next meeting is October 31st 9.00 London.

4. Supply chain engagement 

Recognising that environmental performance decisions made by retailer and brand members need to be executed by supply chain partners, POPAI will engage with your supply chain, ensuring all suppliers are aligned to a common set of objectives and sustainable best practice. 

5. Carbon performance reporting (A costed service) 

An actively engaged & aligned supply chain is key to maximising the sustainable performance for our retailer & brand members, but many lack the internal resources necessary to monitor carbon data provided by suppliers and plot a path to improved performance. 


POPAI provides this function for retailer and brand members, supplying essential reporting and independent benchmarking services to facilitate ongoing and holistic improvement. 

"POPAI has helped us identify what good looks like in terms of the environmental impact of the units that brands are sending in to our stores." 

Andy Bodley, Instore Marketing Operations for Boots 


Additional EcoSupport services (POA):

  • Workshop & internal training sessions 
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Benchmarking services
  • Insight, research & industry analysis reports


For more information please contact Martin Kingdon, Sustainability Director -