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POPAI and collaborated on a ground-breaking research project to determine the current realities and challenges of recycling POSM and Packaging in UK & Ireland.

This research was sponsored by Antalis, HH Global and Linney.

Global brands & retailers produce thousands of tonnes of display campaigns each year. But what happens once an in-store campaign has finished? And how much of each campaign is recycled?


About the report: 

POPAI UK & Ireland’s research into the recycling and recyclability of temporary point of sale display materials and secondary packaging.

 The report covers all aspects of recycling from the perceptions of retail recycling compared to the realities, the recycling dialogue taking place between suppliers and clients, design practices being used to promote recyclability, through to if and how recycling rates are being measured. 

Research was conducted amongst a wide selection of brands, retailers, in-store marketing agencies and waste management companies, through a series of online questionnaires, virtual face to face interviews and visits to stores and recycling facilities.

The results threw up a fascinating insight into stakeholders’ wide ranging views on the subject of recycling temporary point of sale display materials and secondary packaging.  Revealed amongst other things, was that whilst recycling of point of sale displays is usually very much on the agenda of those directly responsible for these materials rarely, if ever, is the recycling of point of sale displays taken into account at a corporate level.

Perhaps most telling are the insights into the inconsistencies and difficulties organisations have when it comes to the measuring and recording recycling rates of point of sale display materials.

The research also highlighted a range of issues and barriers that hinder or even prevent recycling, as well as a range of options and initiatives that would encourage and facilitate higher recycling rates.    

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