Recycling Research 2021

POPAI and are collaborating on a ground-breaking research project to determine the current realities and challenges of recycling POSM and Packaging in UK & Ireland.

The research is sponsored by Antalis, HH Global and Linney.

Global brands & retailers produce thousands of tonnes of display campaigns each year. But what happens once an in-store campaign has finished? And how much of each campaign is recycled?

Our research will investigate temporary display and packaging within Grocery and Pharmacy Retail, examine the  end-of-life retail display journey from store, and define the current reality of sustainability in the retail display industry.

Using a combination of desk research, senior level interviews and store level investigation, we will establish the industry benchmark and provide recommendations for the industry to improve its performance.

Objectives of the Research Project

  • Establish the perception vs. reality of recycling in-store materials from the back of stores, shopping malls & regional distribution centres across the UK & Ireland.
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the recycling/recyclability/reuse of temporary in-store marketing campaigns and packaging.
  • Gather insight into any barriers to recycling, or recyclability of in-store marketing campaigns and packaging, and why they exist.
  • Establish a transparent lifecycle view of in-store marketing from design, manufacture, installation and end-of-life recycling.
  • Outline what stops in-store marketing campaigns from being recycled or being recyclable.
  • Make recommendations on initial design requirements to enhance and increase sustainable credentials of in-store marketing, use of sustainable materials, increase recyclability, reuse and end of life opportunities.

The next step for this research is to move into the European market. For more information on this or to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact us at


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