Sustain Tutorial Videos

See below our Sustain® Tool training videos. 

The videos have been broken down into nine stages showing the complete process. These videos are viewable at any time.


1. Admin Section

Within this section you can update your details, view the latest updates section, learn to change your password or use a folder structure.


2. Creating a Project

Here you are shown how to create a new project or duplicate for ease. You will be guided through entering details for your project.


3. Creating a Version

In the creating a version section we cover how you can create up to six versions within a project, for comparison.


4. Entering Display Details

Here you will need to enter each individual component for your display. Selecting materials, weights, recycled content and distances from supplier to point of manufacture for each component.


5. Packaging

You have the opportunity to enter both primary and secondary packaging in this section if you are using packaging. The principles are the same as the previous page as you are required to input materials, weights, recycled content and distances from supplier to point of manufacture for each element of packaging.


6. Distribution

The distribution section covers the display from the point of production to the customers delivery location. We discuss inputting distances and delivery methods.


7. Electrical Components

Here we look at inputting data for displays containing electrical components such as lighting or digital screens. If your item does not contain any electrical components please ignore this section and skip ahead.


8. End of Life

Within this section you will need to enter the end of life destinations for all display and packaging components you’ve entered on an “as designed” basis. 


9. Results

In the results section you have the chance to view all the versions inputted individually or overlayed on the spider diagram. You also have the option to view the results for packaging only, display only or the combined results.