Sustainability Foundation Course

A one-day, interactive session exploring sustainability within P-O-P and print led by industry experts.

Gain the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the complex world of sustainability, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive positive change within your organisation.

The POPAI Sustainability Foundation Course is a comprehensive training course which will cover a range of important topics to provide a deep understanding of sustainability concepts, their application in the retail industry, and the importance of adopting sustainable practices. Through the course you will acquire the knowledge to make a positive impact, differentiate your projects, and meet the expectations of an increasingly environmentally conscious world.

You will cover a range of important topics, including:

Sustainability Perceptions

Discover why sustainability matters but also what sustainability actually means in different contexts. Jump straight in and bust some myths!

The Evolving Sustainability Landscape

Explore the industry's key challenges, understand the difference between CSR and ESG, and be inspired by global retail pioneers who are leading the way. 

The Shopper & Sustainability

Gain insights into the latest trends regarding consumer and shopper attitudes towards sustainability. And importantly the difference between what they say, and what they do.

The Three 'L's & Accreditations

Explore the various legislation, logos, labelling and accreditation schemes that can effectively showcase and communicate your sustainability credentials and commitment.

Beyond 'Greenwashing'
 Learn how to avoid misleading sustainability communications, a range of new definitions and discover examples of the good, the bad and the ugly.
The 6 Key Principles of Sustainable P-O-P & Print

Discover in detail the essential principles of sustainable design, material specification, supply chain partners, manufacturing, packaging and logistics, and end-of-life options, including refurbishment, re-use, and recycling.

The Importance of Measurement

Understand the significance of measuring CO2 emissions, including an overview of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Discover why measurement is crucial, learn how to measure, and explore strategies for improvement.

Looking to the future 
Explore upcoming trends and innovations through sustainable design case studies of real in-store displays. Discover what is on the sustainability horizon, including new technologies that can support your sustainability journey.


By attending the POPAI Sustainability Foundation Course, you will gain valuable knowledge and practical insights to drive sustainability within your organisation.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement and create a positive impact in an ever-changing world. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future.

If you would like a shorter, more introductory course, please check out our half-day POPAI Sustainability Essentials Workshop.

This session can also be ran in-house as a bespoke session just for your organisation and is also run publicly, dates listed below.


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