Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. The flexible and modular nature of the PSS allows companies from anywhere within the supply chain to become accredited. Some companies are already seeing the benefits of signing up to PSS.

Discover why they chose to begin their sustainability journey.

Stuart Becker, HRG (UK) Ltd

"The auditing process is rigorous and detailed, but at the same time a collaborative approach is taken which encourages enthusiasm to achieve compliance. From inception to audit, the PSS has proved to be relevant, measureable and easy to adopt within our existing QMS processes."

Jennifer Deacon, Celloglas

"PSS is a tool that is understood by our customers and allowed us to benchmark and track our progress towards improving long-term sustainability. It has also provided us access to POPAI's consultancy services. We have been discussing ideas with them, which has been very informative."

James Parmenter, Wilmot Budgen

"We signed up to the PSS because we were experiencing a growing push by clients for greater sustainability in P-O-P displays. The ability of the ConVert tool to validate different design options and material choices enables us to provide the appropriate amount and level of information that is demanded of us."

Mauro Breveglieri, L'Oreal UK & Ireland

"All new P-O-P agreements will require a commitment from suppliers to measure production using the ConVert tool. By using PSS to highlight areas for improvement in our roster, we can, in turn, help suppliers achieve the same targets that L'Oreal sets for its products."