pvc foam sheet

A material that is versatile, lightweight, fire retardant, durable and with a flawless finish. PVC is a material that is often used in the sign, display and print industries. It can be produced with anti static properties reducing dust and dirt attraction and comes in a variety of different formats - from rigid to flexible and lightweight - for different applications. Foamex is one of the many brand names used for PVC sheet.

Material Properties

Property 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Lifespan X
Durability X
Strength X
UV Stability X
Transparency X
Cost X
End of Life

Star Rating for performance - 5* = best performing

Typical Applications

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Heat Bending>


Here are some of the key benefits of Foam PVC:

- Lightweight material
- Easy to fabricate

- Class 1 Fire Rating
- High level print surface


Here are some of the key downsides to using Foam PVC:

- Market perception of PVC as a
  material is bad
- Limited outdoor use


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Sample Gallery

See examples of P-O-P displays using this material.

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