Gold Sponsor Q&A - Scala


Describe your business in less than 15 words: Scala transforms physical retail space by providing digital solutions with a “marketing first” point of view. 

What would you say to someone who was thinking about entering? Do it! The gratification of being amongst your industry peers and the chance to come away with an award that you can share with your prospective client base is invaluable.

If you had to sum up the POPAI awards in 3 words, what would they be? Fun, Innovative and Rewarding.

What does it mean to you to sponsor the POPAI Awards? The line between traditional and digital is blurring which opens up so many more opportunities for brands and the customers they serve. The POPAI awards is a showcase of the best in class of these innovative customer experiences and we value supporting the event and those that take part. 

What do you think makes a great retail experience? The key thing is engagement. If a brand can engage a customer, encourage their curiosity and desire to see more, then they have done something right. Getting a customer to linger in a space because they are engaged and entertained as opposed to having them feel like they are being made to “wait” or struggle to find what they want is key to building relationships and customer loyalty. 

How do you innovate in your business? We’re always learning – learning more about what our clients’ needs are and also what their customers want. Customer expectation is high so we need to know where their frustrations lie and what would help make their experiences better. In addition to learning more about people and businesses, we’re also tech people excited by developments in new technology across a variety of spaces such as gaming, online, film or whatever. Technology, wherever it is used, can potentially offer something new to retail brands and it is essential we stay enthusiastic and curious nerds. 

How important do you think it is for our industry to continually look to the future? Looking ahead goes without saying, if we don’t we fall away. Retail spaces continue to evolve as the needs of customers and brands change so it is crucial that we look ahead to not only the potential threats and pain points of businesses but also the opportunities and the technology that could help them thrive. 

What role does in-store digital have in the retail experience? I’m biased but I think that it should have a key role. Effectively using digital in-store not only gives customers a more fluid and convenient experience, something which they have come to expect from accessing retailers online, but also gives brands the ability to be more flexible. With digital, brands can gain data to inform strategic decisions, employ automation where appropriate and maximise the expertise of staff to give customers an experience that they will want to repeat.