SDA 2020 Special DVD Category

NEW Special Category for 2020 

Category: Re-imagining the DVD aisle

This category has been introduced into the Student Design Awards by BASE (British Association for Screen Entertainment). 

Behind this challenge is a group of world-known brands that form the BASE group, including: Universal, Sony Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, WarnerBros, Spirit Entertainment, BBC Studios, EXPD8, 20th Century Fox, Elevation Sales, Lionsgate & StudioCanal.


What’s the background 

  • DVDs and Blu rays are still a highly popular way to own and consume film, TV and documentary content (54m DVDs sold in the past year!) 
  • Disc sales generate 3 times the retail value of fresh pasta and 6 times the value of vinyl records
  • Only 9% of film buyers have gone fully digital (70% are physical only, 21% physical and digital) the disc is here to stay 
  • Consumers value the tangible nature of discs, the fact that they can rewatch the discs (and lend them to friends), the special features and the ease of use
  • Consumers tend to be older than average and to buy for planned occasions e.g. a family night, movie night with friends, partner etc. 

What’s the challenge?

Our products have not benefitted from the same levels of investment as other product categories over the past few years (at the same time as online sales have grown) – our racking looks tired and is often hard to find.

The challenge is:

  • How can we make shopping the entertainment area a great customer experience and drive footfall back into the department? 
  • How can we turn it into an area that shoppers look forward to visiting and are willingly tempted by? 
  • How can we make this area of the store feel as modern, relevant and exciting as the content locked up within the DVD cases? 
  • What would this area looked like if we weren’t constrained by current racking?
  • What could we learn from other product categories? 

What’s the brief

We are looking for amazing design concepts submitted alongside a short case study for one of the following: 

  • An entertainment section/ area of the store selling DVDs and Blu-rays in either one of the ‘big 4’ grocers (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons) 
  • An entertainment section/ area of the store selling DVDs and Blu-rays in hmv
  • A pop-up store or new store concept for DVDs and Blu-rays

Your brief

Design a ‘wow’ in-store display/ entertainment area for DVDs and Blu-rays Key considerations:

  • Display format & store position
  • Who is the shopper?
  • Navigational and product signage
  • Interaction & experience
  • Use of creative assets  

What your entry needs to include:

  • Visuals of your design with sizes and design details
  • An explanation of what you have done and why, including 
  • Why you made the design choices you made
  • What is the display made of?
  • Who is it targeted at?
  • What type of stores would it go in?
  • Lifespan in-store ?

How your entry will be judged:

Your entry is required to be submitted as per the POPAI Student Design Awards - entry deadline 27th March 2020. 
Shortlisted entrants will be required to attend a 'Dragon's Den' style judging day on 28th April where you will be asked to present your ideas. 

The prize:

The winner of this category will be awarded a screening at London's NBC Universal private cinema with up to 20 friends and pre-screen drinks.


The winner of this category could also go on to win the Student Design Awards overall and be awarded £1000.


If you have any questions regarding the Student Design Awards please contact the POPAI office on 01455 613651.