Sponsor Interview: Cepac

POPAI chats with Mark Hextall, Head of Sales at Cepac Consumer.


Tell us a bit about Cepac…

Cepac is the UK’s leading independent corrugated packaging producer. We provide state-of-the-art alternatives to conventional corrugated packaging with cost-effective options to make products stand out. The company was established in 1999 and since then we have been at the forefront of innovative packaging and print solutions across our four UK sites. At our Doncaster location we have a dedicated team focusing on all things POP and Display.

You are known to champion innovation, what does that look like?

We have been pioneers in the industry for more than 20 years and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are early adopters and recognise that to be at the top of our game we need to embrace opportunities for transformation. That can look very different, depending on client needs and business priorities, but across the board there are new techniques and styles emerging that we continue to build into our processes and designs. It starts from our people using creative thinking to come up with new solutions, to the tools and technology we use to make those ideas a reality for our customers.

Most importantly, our innovative approach is with purpose to meet our clients’ needs. There is significant benefit that can be passed on to the client, for example in terms of time savings, reduced waste and improved sustainability and critically supporting improve sales of our clients’ products.

What does the future of the industry hold?

The physical retail market has not been without its challenges over the last year or so, but we’ve seen a significant uptick in activity since the end of 2020. On the whole, the display sector has bounced back quite quickly, and we are well positioned to support that demand. Technology will be a continued focus in POP and Display and we are leaders in digital transformation shaping the sector and supply chains.

So, how is Cepac embracing this transformation?

For several years now we have been shaping our organisation to embrace digital transformation and be an exemplar in the industry. Digital complements litho and flexo print and gives much greater flexibility. 

Technology is becoming ingrained in our processes and there are a range of benefits to that: print on demand, our ability to respond quickly to customer needs, increased options for personalisation and variable print runs. It allows us to deliver display items quickly and more efficiently, which can translate directly into savings for the customer in terms of time, costs and materials. Our customers are increasingly expected to cut lead times and get their products into stores quickly and enhanced digital processes can only support that need for immediacy.

At Cepac our whole approach is based upon a culture of continuous improvement. From the focused skills and expertise of our teams to the facilities, equipment and investment programmes we have in place we view all elements of our business as complementary and connected, working together to deliver the best products and services to our customer partners.