2007 wasn’t just the year before the economy went off the rails and started to take retailers and whole high streets with it. It was also the inaugural year of the POPAI Awards. Again and again, the industry has demonstrated its ability to respond to challenging retail conditions with creativity and ingenuity. For example there’s the latest innovative thinking that’s shaping temporary P-O-P (see page 4).

Or how about the interesting approaches being taken by marketers to engage an increasingly sophisticated audience of outdoor enthusiasts (page 7).

This issue also introduces you to man who helped turn Marks & Spencer’s Stratford City Food Hall from idea to commercial reality (page 10).

We also turn our attention (page 16) to those chasing glory at this year’s POPAI awards ceremony in October.

Finally, we report on how to achieve a supplier partnership that hums and have the people you need on your side to succeed (turn to page 24). We hope you agree it’s an issue that deserves a gold award.


  • Trend briefing: Built not to last – Temporary P-O-P
  • Sector Report: In-store pursuits - Outdoor
  • Decision maker: Natural Selection – Christopher Sampson, Marks & Spencer
  • Insight Briefing: Testing times – Pre-Launch
  • Special Report: The real winners – POPAI Awards 2013
  • Industry Affairs: Yes, we can – Supplier measurement
  • Campaign analysis: De-brief No. 9 – McDonald’s Triple Play Monopoly Campaign
  • POPAI Edits: Industry news
  • International Report: American Dreams – USA

Published September 2013   

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