Marketing financial services within a grocery environment by Tesco Bank

A presentation that looks at how Tesco Bank communicates its offer within the supermarket environment.

Worryingly, only 49% of Tesco Bank customers know they are Tesco Bank customers. Raising awareness of the Tesco Bank brand is therefore essential. The presentation covered a trial of 20 different pieces of in-store activity to promote Tesco Bank’s products. Results showed placements at the checkout, on card terminals, at petrol pumps, with greeting cards and in the pet aisle were the most successful.

Different campaigns are covered which were both above the line and in-store. Insight has shown that in-store activity is the primary source of awareness for Tesco Bank customers. The presentation finished by introducing a trial of digital screens at checkouts to communicate the Tesco Bank offer.

Originally presented by Lorne MacLennan, Head of Store Marketing and Operations for Tesco Bank at the POPAI Winter Seminar on 11th December 2013 in London.

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