So the year started in much the same way as 2012 began: economic crisis, some very wobbly financial results and an expanding retail vacuum on our high streets. Thankfully, the following pages go to show that it doesn’t always require deep pockets to encourage shoppers to see the in-store experience in a positive (more attractive) light – just a bit of imagination.

As speakers at POPAI’s annual Retail Marketing Conference highlighted (see page 11), the industry should abandon overly complex or unnecessarily costly executions that fail to hang together, in favour of more honest and straightforward approaches to shopper engagement.

For those of you looking for new ideas, we highlight what the mobile retailing sector is doing to bring a bit of inspiration and fun back to its stores (see page 7).

We explore too how Harrods, perhaps the world’s most famous retailer of all, is successfully balancing modern in-store demands with long-standing tradition in our interview with its media director, Guy Cheston – turn to page 20.


  • Trend briefing: Long live the iStreet - Showrooming
  • Sector Report: Call to action – Mobile retailing
  • Special Report: Counter Culture – Retail Marketing Conference 2013
  • Industry Affairs: Ready, Set, Go – POPAI Awards 2013
  • Environmental Briefing: Pass Appeal – Sustainability
  • Decision maker: Style guru – Guy Cheston, Harrods Media
  • POPAI Edits: Industry news - Campaign analysis: De-brief No. 7 – Pond’s Permanent Display
  • International Report: Banish blues &a

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