Intellectual Property Agreement by SampsonLegal

Intellectual Property (IP) is an important issue which can give rise to serious problems and costly legal disputes if it isn’t dealt with appropriately. This is especially true where tenders are concerned.

As part of its service to members, POPAI has commissioned a basic IP Agreement, which members can download from the POPAI website - free of charge - for use in their own P-O-P proposal arrangements.

It can be used as it stands or it can be modified to suit a member’s own requirements.

RESTRICTION - No use or reproduction of the document, in whole or in part, for any other purpose is permitted. All rights are reserved. Copyright infringement is a criminal offence.

DISCLAIMER - Members use the document at their own risk, and by using it a member agrees that neither POPAI nor SampsonLegal will have any liability for any shortcomings in it, even if they have been negligent. The document does not represent POPAI’s or SampsonLegal’s advice or recommendation: IP is a complex issue, and members should seek specialist legal advice regarding their own particular situation. The agreement is a very basic one: it does not cover all aspects of IP or any of the many other issues which members should address in any commercial relationship or transaction.

If you have any questions regarding this document please contact Paul Sampson of SampsonLegal at or call 01275 464 700.

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