Storedits: European Convenience by POPAI UK & Ireland

The convenience grocery sector is one which is growing right across Europe. With more and more shoppers doing top-up shops to complement their main supermarket or online shop, it is clearly an area which provides opportunities for retailers.

From window messaging to in-store displays, convenience retailers are faced with challenges not seen in their larger counterparts. Smaller footprints and less space for messaging and stock don’t afford them the same indulgences as a larger supermarket, and require creativity and ingenuity to differentiate them from their competitors. And with shoppers making short but frequent visits, the key is in inspiring loyalty by making their shopping experience one to remember.

Essentially, convenience shopping should be just that – convenient. 

To gain a greater understanding of the convenience sector across Europe, POPAI UK & Ireland worked with several POPAI Chapters to carry out audits of 76 convenience stores. The 15-minute Storedits involved 43 questions covering topics such as window promotions, in-store ambience and the types of displays and promotions seen in-store. 

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