Global Trends: That's Life by GDR Creative Intelligence

How can brands seem more relevant?

Using aspects of honesty, transparency, belonging and imperfection, they are aiming to seem more like-minded and human. As economic and political structures shift around us, brands that don’t keep up and reflect the reverberations of this shift risk appearing out of touch. 

There are huge hurdles inherent in incorporating this social disruption into brand messaging – as evidenced by April’s clumsy campaign from Pepsi featuring model Kendall Jenner solving American civil rights issues with a carbonated drink. However, there are more intelligent approaches than just co-opting the imagery of protest. These could include adjusting your communication to be more honest with your market, or positioning your brand as a source of solace during a time of uncertainty. As always, finding meaningful connection points with consumers is key, and helping them navigate political upheaval is a sure-fire way of building the kind of loyalty all brands seek to foster. 

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