With a summer of sport, festivals and holidays upon us, it is an important few months in-store for retailers and brands. To be clear, having a successful summer season can make all the difference between success and failure these days. Interest in the consumer electronics category, in particular shiny new at screen TVs, always tends to surge ahead of any major sporting event, not to mention the obligatory large volume sales of beer and snacks.

So to kick off this issue, we explore what is fast becoming one of retail marketing’s hottest topics. With a number of grocery retailers committing to the goal of ending multi- buy promotions, we look at what the future has in store for promotional deals (see page 5).

Next up: what are the latest trends affecting the sports category in-store? The start of the UEFA European Championship in France marks what promises to be an exciting summer of sport ahead. Ultimately, it may all prove a bit deflating if you are English but – and here’s the good bit – starting on page 11, we’ll introduce you to a number of game-changing developments that will be of interest to anyone who’s a keen supporter of sports retail.

We also have a special report on in-store demonstrations. There’s something reassuring about being able to test a product before you buy in this ‘instantly accessible’ digital age. But how can you make the purchase experience equally comforting when it’s not possible to deliver the product experience in its physical form in-store? We examine the art of doing it well in our Campaign Report (see page 20).

We also have our regular injection of the latest in-store trends from our friends at GDR Creative Intelligence (page 25), including a Dutch pop-up store selling fake miracle cures to contextualise modern life’s petty gripes versus real world issues.

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