Welcome to the latest issue of In-store Insights. We’ve seen the last faltering steps of summer and are moving into autumn, signalling new beginnings and a new season for retail.

Autumn also means going back to school for children across the UK. But while they are resigning themselves to life in the classroom once again, it is parents and carers who are often left counting the cost. With costs for school uniform on the rise, not to mention the associated shoes, sports kit, stationery and school bag, this can be rich pickings for retailers. Our report on page 5 looks at the rise and rise of back-to-school retailing – who gets top marks and who is bottom of the class?

As we know, brand equity is critical for transforming campaigns into sales. But while millions of pounds are often spent on above-the-line marketing, how does this brand equity make it into store, right up to the much-overlooked point of purchase? Our report on page 13 takes a look.

And for those parents with cash to spare after the back-to- school splurge, many nd themselves under pressure from children to buy them the latest toys and games. In this unique sector, the shopper is often not the end user, so stores must rise to the challenge of creating an environment that’s appealing to both. Of course, toys are not the exclusive domain of children, with collectors making up part of the market. On page 17 we take a look at the di erent types of shopper at play.

How do brands communicate? Increasingly they need to nd more creative ways to make them stand out, and sometimes it’s about nding the more subtle touch. GDR Creative Intelligence’s brand body language report on page 25 looks at the methods employed globally by brands.

Do you click and collect? You’d be one of the growing legions who do. On page 29 we explore this evolving trend and the successes and pitfalls it encounters.

We’re about to hit the whirlwind of Christmas retailing, so take a look at these reports before the festive chaos begins. But before that, in October we are looking forward to not only announcing the winners of the 2017 POPAI Awards but also opening entries for the 2018 Awards. So keep your eye on your inbox for updates – it really is never too early to start your entries. 

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