Grocery Display Effectiveness Study by POPAI UK & Ireland

Bringing together three years of research and analysing over 7 million shopper interactions across three leading retail chains, this ground-breaking piece of research from POPAI UK & Ireland is the world’s largest study into the effectiveness of grocery display.

Whether it’s an exercise in simplicity or design prowess, there is a myriad of P-O-P solutions available to the modern retail marketer. But which really is the most effective in grocery retail? Much will depend on the shopping mission. So too will the amount of time shoppers spend in-store. Then there is the influence of age and gender.

It’s a complex picture. The study uses all-new metrics tailored specifically to meet the needs of those working within the P-O-P industry to measure effectiveness – Impact, Engagement, Conversion and Lost Conversion.

Originally published in four parts during 2012 as part of In-store Insights magazine.

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