In this issue, we turn our spotlight on the automotive industry. With a car still proving a central feature in many people’s lives, the demand for new cars, accessories, spares and parts is high. Our Storedits report on page 5 investigates which channels drive us to purchase and which could use a fuel injection.

We all love turning our hand to a spot of DIY, don’t we?Whether we’re decorating, xing or renovating, it remainsone of the UK’s favourite pastimes. But which stores hit the nail on the head for DIY shoppers? Our report on page 13 delves deeper.

The shelf edge is one of the most important areas for P-O-P– by de nition, shoppers must engage with it as they browseand purchase. In our Display Mechanic Analysis on page 21, we examine which displays demonstrate real shelf life... and which should be simply shelved.

Brands and retailers have traditionally used consistency to attract their target audience and establish their identity. But the new multitrack retail trend is turning this on its head. Our Global Trends report on page 27 explores how, by having multiple offerings in terms of how to shop, stores can meet the different needs of different shoppers. This works for products, too, with an increasing focus on personalisedelements and a move away from a one-size- ts-all approach

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