As we celebrate the 10th year of the POPAI Awards we consider what it takes to reach that ultimate Gold Standard. Whether this is within a particular display, its return on investment or the whole store environment, we ask: what does it really take to engage with shoppers and does this really differ between sectors?

There is much common ground as you will see in this issue. Whether you’re trying to entice shoppers in to store with eye-catching window displays, improving their journey around the store or engaging them through inspiring P-O-P, there are still lessons to be shared.

We start our journey this issue with a Shopper Investigation into travel agents. Whether we’re escaping to sunnier climes, enjoying an adventure break or heading to the ski slopes, booking our getaway is all part of the fun. We investigate what travel agents are doing to capture the hearts and minds of today’s traveller on page 5.

Continuing our travel theme, we journey to Ireland where we examine how retailers are faring on the Emerald Isle. More disposable income and improving economic conditions are certainly good signs, but what about the Irish retailers we visited? You can find out in our Market Report on page 11.

It’s on to one of the nation’s favourite pastimes next as we head back over to the UK high street to explore what fashion retailers have to offer in our first-ever Storedits Report. It’s been a challenging few years for the fashion market with the threat of online retailers and the movement of spending to the leisure and entertainment sectors. Find out if these high street stores are re-engaging and inspiring clothes shoppers on page 19.

Trends are key in our regular Global Report from our friends GDR Creative Intelligence on page 25. This time we look at how brands and retailers are using consumer insights to not just jump on the bandwagon of latest trends but use them innovatively to th

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