In-Store Insights Magazine - Issue 30 by POPAI UK & Ireland

We kick off this issue by delving into the multi-sensory world of P-O-P on page 5. How can brands and retailers harness all five of the human senses to develop a deep emotional connection with their shoppers?

Our latest Storedits report takes us to Europe to look at convenience retail across the continent. In a snapshot of this growing sector, we consider the wider trends alongside what is happening in-store on page 13.

As summer steadily begins to set in, we take a look at the blossoming world of gardening retail in our latest shopper investigation on page 19. Our shoppers visited traditional garden centre chains and garden centres as part of DIY stores to see what they had in-store to tempt in both the perennial green- ngered brigade and the green-but-keen aspiring gardeners.

What makes brands human? Honesty, transparency and imperfection are all elements that breathe life and personality into brands, and we are increasingly starting to see this as brands strive to ensure they are relevant today. GDR Creative Intelligence brings us examples of these campaigns in their latest report, ‘That’s Life’, on page 25.

We all know that the shopper experience is key to driving sales, but how can a digital element in-store add to this? Research suggests the appetite from shoppers is there, but how do we strike the balance between using digital to add to the experience and overusing it and hindering the experience? On page 29 we preview a first-of-its-kind workshop that POPAI is holding in June. 

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