Welcome to our 5th anniversary issue.

2014 began with renewed optimism. and now? Yes, there have still been difficult times – a few more familiar faces have disappeared from both the high street and our industry. But on the whole, we should feel pretty chuffed as the year draws to a close. As for 2015, well that’s likely to be more about retail resolutions than revolution.

To do things differently, to do them better and to ensure that, whatever we do, we put the needs of the shopper at the heart of every decision we take. Shoppers are once again shopping, but the way that they are doing it demands a response that anything but static.

On page 4, we visit the topic of iBeacon – the latest in a long line of shopper technology to promise it will change shopping forever. Could this finally be the one to crack it? If it’s not that, our retail essays feature on page 11 offers a fascinating insight from four industry heavyweights into what else could be the defining theme of next year.

We also drop in on Lara Barron, head of in-store at P&?G Prestige (page 15) to talk about the challenges that come with managing a seemingly endless string of retail launches for some of the world’s leading fashion houses, and keeping things fresh as she goes. Finally, we go behind the scenes of the asda Halloween POS campaign (see page 26) – proof, if it were needed at this time of year, that making physical shopping more ‘joyful’ will continue to deliver commercial success for a long time to come.

Published Winter 2014.

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