Summer is finally upon us. In the heat of the next few months, as well as in-store, “style” will matter. cheap and the cheerful is out. But success will be about so much more than pure aesthetics. The story will be about finding ways to engage shoppers in style – doing things in a well-considered manner and taking in every detail. It goes beyond the surface, can put shoppers at ease and communicate big ambition.

?As some retailers wonder why they cannot get hordes of shoppers to leave their laptops and venture in-store, others continue to wrestle with the challenge of how to create more joined-up brand experience in-store.

So this issue, we devote our attention to people trying to make things better, from charting a fresh approach to shopper engagement with ordnance survey’s head of marketing communications, ?Gareth Miller (page 10) to mapping the developments taking place amongst the major grocery retailers, and asking what more needs to be done to improve the shopping landscape (see page 14).

Finally, I’d also recommend you check out another story in this issue that is intentionally timed to coincide with the start of the World Cup – as we review some of the retail innovations in Brazil that could be future game-changers (page 23).

Come on. Let’s kick off.

Published Summer 2014.

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