At POPAI, we are continually seeking to further understand the use of various display mechanics. Here, we offer a snapshot of how digital screen usage and new capabilities are being deployed in the retail environment, using key findings from two of our research projects.

We conducted two pieces of research. The purpose of these was to measure the current extent of the use of digital screens in stores, and to provide a breakdown of retailer categories using them. We investigated the types of screens being used, assessing any variation by region and retail location, and recording where they were located in-store. Our research also examined screen content and duration of messages, looking at the relationship between the use of digital screens and lightboxes. Finally, we analysed the opportunities for shoppers to engage with the screens.

The first piece of research was an audit of almost 2,000 stores to establish what the digital screen landscape looks like.

The second piece of research covered over 250 stores. Here, we looked more closely at how screens were being employed, their content and the opportunity for shoppers to engage with them.

In both cases, we undertook field work to record in-store observations and accumulate quantitative data, as well as collating photographic records from each visit.

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