What links a shopper looking to buy a new sofa, a pampered pooch, loved-up couples, and a soft drinks brand? Well, they all represent best practice delivery along a shopper’s extended path to purchase and they all feature in this summer issue. It’s not so much about looking at innovative gadgets and tech; it’s more about what a connected perspective adds to every aspect of our shopping lives.

We start by reporting from POPAI’s recent Connected Shopper Summit. You can read all that we unearthed, including interesting work from furniture retailer Heal’s, in an intriguing article on page 4.

Next, we explore how marketers are optimising shopping experiences in the pet care sector (p9). Again, this is a story about how success comes in many shapes – and many breeds.

We also introduce you to Ian Boak of Britvic Soft Drinks, who talks us through the enlightening story of its big in-store campaign for a particularly small new format launch (p16).

You’ll also want to check out our Stores Edit report, which features a great piece about how Tesco’s in-store marketing team led a groundbreaking campaign out-of-store (p19).

So it’s all about shifting tides this issue – perfect timing then, before you consider heading beachside in the coming weeks.

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