Welcome to the first In-Store Insights of 2019.

This issue, we turn our focus to the UK drinks industry. As a nation, do we like to sip a sparkling water or do we indulge in something stronger? With so many brands in the soft drink and alcohol market, what prompts our purchasing? On page 5 we investigate what makes us say ‘cheers’...and what simply falls flat.

Reassuringly for the retail industry, shoppers do still love a bricks-and-mortar store. But what truly inspires and engages them? Our Display Best Practice report on page 13 reviews award-winning flagship stores and innovative store designs from the past five years.

And just how convenient is a convenience store? This thriving sector is becoming increasingly popular, as we focus more on the top-up shop. On page 19, we check out who’s buying little but often.

Today, brands must work even harder to achieve real standout. Our Global Trends report on page 27 explores how successful brands use product, packaging and service innovation to highlight their point of difference, and offer specific, targeted solutions to their shoppers.

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